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Advantages Of Foam Hand Sanitizer

  • 20 Feb 2020 08 May 2021
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The role of the foam hand sanitizer is the same as the ordinary hand sanitizer, to play a role in cleaning hand skin.
Compared with ordinary hand sanitizer, foam hand sanitizer has the following advantages:
1. Foam hand sanitizer is easy to use: the pump head is extruded foam, eliminating the process of soaking water and rubbing bubbles.
2. Dosage saving: each use is 1/2 of the amount of ordinary hand sanitizer.
3. Efficacy double: direct foaming, not easy to fall off, make the effective components in the foam get full use, greatly improve the cleaning, sterilizing, moisturizing effect.
Foam hand sanitizer works by having a special device at the top of the bottle that allows air to mix well with the foaming agent. Seen no fire fighting foam gun, middle school must be done an experiment, prolapse of the note to the gas flow of gone with the wind, because the fluid has decompression effect, bubble gun is a common point, among many outside with a side hole, foaming agent from a set of intermediate gush out of date, because the air pressure is reduced, a large number of air suction come in from the side, mixing, produce bubbles.
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