Product Production Process

Based on the functions and characteristics of mainstream detergents currently on the market, the future industry will move towards the direction of detergent liquefaction, concentration and environmental protection. Safety and health have also become the main theme of the development of washing products.

Order Design

We will draw the 3D drawings according to the customers' 2D drawings or samples,and send the 3D drawings to customers for confirmation.

Collecting Materials

We will purchase high-quality raw materials for production according to the scheme provided by the customer.

Mixing Production

We will produce the products after getting the customers' confirmation and orders.

Canned Cost

We will inspect the products by our inspectors or ask the customers to inspect together with us when finished.

Warehouse Storage

We will store the customer's products in the warehouse to ensure the safety of the products and wait for the logistics delivery.

Delivery Of Goods

We will ship the goods to the customers after getting the inspection result ok and the customers' confirmation.

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