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Advantages of Water-Free Hand Sanitizer

  • 20 Feb 2020 16 Apr 2021
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At present, water-free hand sanitizers are increasingly appearing in our lives, and many people also like to take a bottle with them when traveling. Still, many people have doubts: is water-free hand lotion good? Let's take a look at the functions of water-free hand sanitizers that are different from water hand sanitizers. Hand Sanitizer manufacturer shares with you.
1. Wash hands freely: easy to use and carry; wash hands freely and clean hands anytime, anywhere
2. Continuous effect: The effect lasts for a long time, and the effect can last 4-5 hours, and the longest can reach 6 hours.
3. Gentle skincare: it has the function of controlling the oxidative stress level of the hand, preventing skin damage and protecting the hand, and can moisturize and care for the skin of the hand.
4. Virus killing and sterilization: After the inspection by the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences and Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus is inactivated and the killing rate reaches 99.99%.
Disposable hand sanitizer contains two basic types of ingredients:
1. Disinfectant substance. This refers to the killing of pathogenic biological factors, including fungi and viruses.
2. Skincare substances. The simplest and most representative hand sanitizer formula is 75% ethanol plus 2% medical glycerin. Ethanol can sterilize and glycerin moisturizes skincare. It can be prepared by yourself. Disinfectant hand sanitizer has a sterilization rate of 99.99%, which is of great help to physical health.
Water-free hand sanitizer is a chemical mixture unique to modern times. The main ingredients are biguanide surfactants and natural herb extracts, which have antibacterial (anti) bacterial effects and fungi. It has no toxic and side effects on the human body, no irritation to the skin and mucous membranes, highly effective surface-active antibacterial (neutral) antibacterial and neutral antistatic agents. The main function is sterilization, disinfection, decontamination, no odor after use, neutral and does not hurt the skin.
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