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How to Buy Hand Sanitizer?

  • 20 Feb 2020 12 Mar 2021
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1. Purchase by regular merchants
What you use for your baby will require hardware clearance, and good quality is definitely the primary concern. Therefore, when you buy hand sanitizer, you must go to a regular mall or channel to buy it, because the quality of the product must pass the test so that you can use it with confidence.
2. The appearance is intact
Before buying things, make sure that they are intact. Just like whether the handwriting on the packaging of the hand sanitizer is printed clearly, whether the push-type pump head is strong, and whether there is leakage around the bottle.
3. Check mark
The logo is the "facade" of an item. The sign represents that its origin is traceable.
Some things such as the manufacturer and address will be printed on the surface of the object, and you need to pay attention to whether there is a "License Number of Healthcare Sterilization " sign number.
4. Date quality
When buying hand sanitizer, if you find that some pungent odor occurs, it may be because the shelf life has expired or because of the wrong use of some raw materials. This type of hand sanitizer must not be bought. Pay attention to the shelf life, if the shelf life of the purchase expires, you must return to the merchant for refund.
5. Distribution ratio
The most important point in choosing hand sanitizer is to look at the ingredients according to your needs. Each hand sanitizer bottle will be marked with the relevant ratio information table.
Especially when you have to use disposable hand sanitizer when you go out, be sure to choose the alcohol content. The general alcohol content should be between 60% and 75%. If it is less than 60%, then Such hand sanitizer cannot be effectively sterilized.

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