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How to make the foam more delicate when using foaming hand sanitizer?

How to make the foam more delicate when using foaming hand sanitizer?
  Foam hand sanitizer is a foam-shaped hand sanitizer. Its shape is relatively new and unique. Compared with ordinary hand sanitizers, it has innovative breakthroughs in function and concept. Simply put, the foam of the foam hand sanitizer is richer, and the foam is directly pressed out. It can be disposable or some need to be washed. This kind of foam hand sanitizer is more water-efficient to clean, and it is also more clean and easy to rinse. The principle is that the bottle mouth has a special device to fully mix the air and the foaming agent. The main function of foam hand sanitizer is to clean and skin care, and some specific ingredients can play a role in eliminating bacteria. So when we use foaming hand sanitizer, how can we make the foam more delicate?
The foaming principle of    foam hand sanitizer is similar to that of bath balls and dishwashing sponges. Here, we can first understand the principle of blistering. Bubbles are actually a mixture of gas and liquid. A single bubble is a smaller form of mixing. For example, a tool with a closed circle is often used when blowing bubbles. The function of this circle is to spread the liquid in the space into a film, so that people can blow air into the film to stretch it, and then rely on the tension of the liquid surface to make the stretched film spontaneously tighten and close to form bubbles . In life, it is not difficult to find that there are a large number of net-like structures on the bath ball, and the sponge also has a similar porous structure. These structures are like countless bubbles blowing circles, which can better mix the liquid and air in it. , And form a delicate foam. Speaking of foaming hand sanitizer, the secret of foaming hand sanitizer to quickly mix air and liquid is also the net structure. If you open the hand pump head of the foaming bottle, you will see that the liquid is on the only way. There are screens.
The foamer of the foam hand sanitizer has a dense screen. Unlike ordinary pump heads, there is an open air chamber at the throat of the foam pump head. When it is released after a press, a low pressure is formed on the upper part of the pump head. Thereby, the liquid is pumped to the upper part of the pump head, and air enters the air chamber at the same time. When the foam hand sanitizer is pressed twice, the air chamber is pressurized, and the liquid and air are pumped into the screen located on the pipe at the same time, so that bubbles will be blown out. The smaller the screen, the smaller the bubble that is blown out, and the finer the bubble

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