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Talking about the advantages of laundry detergent

The working principle of laundry detergent is similar to that of traditional laundry detergent and soap, and the active ingredients are surface active agents.
The difference is: the traditional washing powder, the soap uses anionic surface active agents, mainly sodium alkyl sulfonate and sodium stearate, with strong alkalinity (the pH of washing powder is usually greater than 12), and then in the use of When the skin irritation and damage is greater. Laundry liquids mostly use non-ionic surface active agents, the pH is close to neutral, gentle to the skin, and after being discharged into nature, the degradation is faster than that of washing powder, so it has become a new generation of detergents. The active ingredients of laundry detergent are mainly non-ionic Surface active agent, whose structure includes hydrophilic end and lipophilic end, during which the lipophilic end associates with the stain, and then separates the stain and the fabric through physical movement (such as hand rubbing, machine movement). At the same time, the surface active agent reduces the tension of the water, so that the water can reach the surface of the fabric, so that the active ingredients can work.

1. High concentration, low dosage
Concentration refers to the content of total decontamination actives in laundry detergent; the newly released industry standard stipulates that the total active substance content of laundry detergent shall not be less than 15%; Better results.

2. high viscosity does not mean high concentration, low viscosity instant
Laundry liquid viscosity does not equal high concentration: viscosity refers to the viscosity and flow state of the detergent under the specified environment. The viscosity and concentration are irrelevant, not high viscosity, high concentration. The viscosity fluctuates with the temperature, the same laundry detergent looks thinner in summer and thicker in winter.
Adjusting the viscosity of the laundry detergent to the appropriate range can improve the fluidity of the laundry detergent and facilitate pouring, pre-coating and dissolving.

3. High foam does not equal high performance, low foam is easy to bleach
The detergency is related to the detergency actives contained in the laundry detergent, and more foam will not increase the detergency. Especially for front-load washing machines, if you use a high-foaming laundry detergent, it may cause foam overflow, unclean rinsing, or even stop washing automatically. The international popular low-foaming laundry detergent can reduce the number of rinsing and save water and electricity.

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