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What is the principle of hand-washing gel

The use of hand-washing gel is that after wiping the suspected gel, the alcohol and other ingredients contained in it will not cause residues after chemical changes with the bacteria on the hands, and there is no foam, so the hand-washing gel does not need to be washed away with water . Nowadays, it is very convenient to apply hand-free gel, so the use of hand-free gel is more and more extensive.
The basic concept of germ-killing ingredients + volatile solvents is the basic concept of hand-washing gel. From the perspective of ingredients, this kind of no-wash products can be divided into two major categories. One is alcohol as the key and reasonable ingredient, about 50-80% alcohol. , Plus about 20% of petroleum jelly; the other is a non-alcoholic product claiming to be specially designed for children and children. The key ingredient is benzalkonium chloride, plus medium-chain triglycerides and sodium citrate. Lipids such as ethyl esters.

The principle of use of hand-washing gel comes from the combination of ingredients. Alcohol and benzalkonium chloride are the germ-killing ingredients in hand sanitizers, and glycerin and lipids are ingredients that can play a role in skin care. Everyone's traditional cleaning products, such as soap and hand sanitizer, need to be cleaned. Most of the hand-free gel is alcohol-based products to eliminate germs. Because alcohol can digest and absorb the moisture of germ protein, make it dry and condense, and then achieve the goal of eliminating germs. Hand-washing gel stipulates that it can clean up stains when water resources are scarce. Among them, alcohol and benzalkonium chloride have the effect of eliminating germs. In order to better prevent too little foam caused by, use hand-washing liquid After the hand is finished, it can be automatically evaporated without water cleaning. Therefore, in its composition, it is necessary to add alcohol and some volatile surfactants, according to the surfactants to remove stains, and automatically evaporate to achieve the actual cleaning effect . In addition, in order to better maintain the skin, the hand-washing gel will continue to add glycerin, vegetable oil, lipids and other skin care ingredients. It can be said that germ-killing ingredients + volatile solvents + skin care ingredients are the basic components of the hand-free gel and the basic concept of its use principle.

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