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Misunderstandings in choosing laundry detergent

The suitability of buying laundry detergent can be based on your usual washing habits and your needs for cleaning different stains, and you can purchase laundry detergent in a targeted manner
Misunderstandings in choosing laundry detergent:
Misunderstanding 1:
Of course, the thicker the laundry detergent, the better. The cheapest thickener is NaCl, which is the salt we use for cooking every day, and it has almost no detergency at all.
Misunderstanding 2:
The more bubbles, the better. Poor foaming does not mean poor detergency, these are two concepts. Today, when fully automatic washing machines have entered thousands of households, easy rinsing means saving water and energy, which has become an important condition for smart housewives to purchase laundry detergent and powder.
Misunderstanding 3:
Light blue laundry detergent will stain white clothes. Adding a small amount of indigo pigment to the laundry detergent will not only cause no harm to white clothes, but also white clothes will appear whiter after washing and drying, because it involves the principle of light reflection and has nothing to do with chemistry.

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