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Precautions When Choosing Hand Sanitizer for Children

  • 20 Feb 2020 26 Mar 2021
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1. Disposable hand sanitizer should be used as little as possible for children. If it is not convenient to go out, children should wash their hands as soon as possible.
For everyone, disposable hand sanitizer may be considered a very convenient and easy-to-carry protective product. The effective effect of no-clean hand sanitizer is generally ethanol and n-propanol
These ingredients not only kill viral bacteria but also destroy the normal flora of the child's body.
If you use it to wash your child's hands, when the child sucks his fingers, some harmful chemicals contained in this hand sanitizer will enter the child's digestive tract, which will damage the child's intestinal health and cause indigestion Intestinal diseases.
Scientific experts have proven that disposable hand sanitizer can cause chronic damage to the child's digestive tract, leading to indigestion and even allergies.
In general, the use of disposable hand sanitizer is only used unless it is really inconvenient to wash with clean water. But for normal children, parents should not use disposable hand sanitizer for convenience. It is recommended to wash hands with water again after using the disposable hand sanitizer. Prevent children from eating their hands.
In fact, the most correct way to wash your hands is to use ordinary running water to wash your hands. In daily life, flowing water should be preferred as a way to clean obvious stains. When using hand sanitizer, flowing water must be used to complete the match.
2. Hand sanitizer should have an antibacterial effect
The hand sanitizers on the market are bacteriostatic and maintenance. We mainly look at the label. The hand sanitizer with the word "Disinfection Product Number" on the label can help kill or inhibit common pathogenic bacteria, such as pyogenic cocci, intestinal pathogenic Bacteria, pathogenic fungi, etc.
The safety and disinfection effect of these products require strict inspection.
If it is a lotion of "Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics", it belongs to the category of cosmetics: it does not have sterilization and bacteriostatic effects, and can only achieve the effect of general cleaning.

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