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The Difference between Hotel Liquid Soap and Hand Sanitizer

  • 20 Feb 2020 20 Feb 2021
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Liquid soap is a new product, similar in form to hand sanitizer, but named after soap. From the name, liquid soap is the first soap. So what is the difference between liquid soap and hand sanitizer?
Hand washing is a basic hygiene habit in our daily life. The main purpose of handwashing is to decontaminate and disinfect, to prevent bacterial diseases from entering the mouth. Initially, hand washing was dominated by soap and gradually evolved into soap with scent.
The decontamination ability of soap is recognized, and removing dirt is a huge advantage of soap. However, because of concerns about cross-infection by many people, hand sanitizer began to enter thousands of households. The hand sanitizer is designed in a press-type bottle to reduce the risk of cross-infection when multiple people share soap. At the same time, the hand sanitizer is basically added with a certain proportion of alcohol, which can help sterilization and disinfection.
After talking about the advantages of soap and hand sanitizer, let’s talk about their disadvantages:
The decontamination ability of hand sanitizer is relatively weak and cannot quickly and effectively remove fine dirt and residues. At the same time, alcohol is irritating to some people with sensitive skin, and too much foam is not easy to rinse off. In short, it is an objective defect that the hand sanitizer is not clean.
Although the soap has strong decontamination ability, it is not convenient to use. It needs to be matched with a soap dish, and it is not conducive to the cleanliness of the bathtub surface. At the same time, sharing soap with multiple people does cause cross-infection, which is a defect of soap.
Therefore, liquid soap was born in operation, which has both the decontamination ability of soap and the convenience and sanitation of hand sanitizer. The soap ingredients are filled in liquid form into press bottle packaging, which effectively improves the cleaning efficiency of handwashing and effectively reduces the risk of cross-infection.
Summary: The advantages of liquid soap polymerized soap and hand sanitizer are cleaner than hand sanitizer and more convenient and sanitary than soap.
More and more hotels are choosing liquid soap instead of small disposable soaps. This is also out of the consideration of being responsible to the customers. At the same time, it can also reduce the cost and waste of disposable soap once used.
On the whole, liquid soap is an ideal choice for hotels, guesthouses, guest rooms, public restrooms, and school kindergartens.

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