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The difference between liquid laundry detergent and liquid soap

  • 20 Feb 2020 18 Dec 2020
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Liquid laundry detergent and liquid soap are commonly used daily washing products, but liquid soap is a new type of fabric detergent that is different from liquid laundry detergent, washing powder, and soap. Careful people will find that natural laundry soap is decontamination, It is stronger than ordinary laundry detergent in terms of easy rinsing and mildness, because the active ingredient of soap is similar to grease, and it can more effectively wrap the oil stains on the fabric and separate it from the fabric. Therefore, it is more effective to remove oil stains in life. What is the difference between liquid laundry detergent and liquid soap? Which one has stronger decontamination ability? Next, I will give you a detailed introduction.
What is the difference between laundry detergent and soap
1. Raw material: The active material of soap is mainly soap base, and its starting material is from renewable plants, while the active material of laundry liquid is mainly coconut diethanolamide (surfactant), and its starting material is petroleum.

2. Formula: Laundry soap liquid contains soap-based active ingredients, which are similar in structure to oils and can effectively remove oil stains. After covering oil stains, this ingredient combines with magnesium and calcium ions in the water, which is easily separated from the fabric, and the bleaching performance is improved. While laundry detergents mostly use non-ionic surfactants, the pH is close to neutral, mild to the skin, and after being discharged into nature, it degrades faster than laundry powder.

3. Different implementation standards: Liquid soap, as a category different from laundry detergent, has a unique implementation standard, which is different from laundry detergent. Some businesses on the market use laundry detergents to counterfeit soaps, and consumers need to carefully identify them.

Which is better, laundry detergent or laundry soap
Soap Liquid This new type of detergent has been developed and launched by Guangzhou Shimei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. Its representative works are: Biliya special laundry soap for hand washing, Biliya natural plant essence laundry soap. These laundry soap liquids have strict and fine process requirements, and the Biliya natural laundry soap liquid is really thick and truly derived from nature, so the price should be higher than the laundry liquid.

The main active ingredient of laundry detergent is non-ionic surfactant. Its structure includes hydrophilic end and lipophilic end. The lipophilic end binds to the stain, and then separates the stain from the fabric through physical movement (such as hand rubbing, machine movement). At the same time, the surfactant reduces the tension of the water, so that the water can reach the surface of the fabric, and the effective ingredients can play a role. The laundry detergent has a higher technical content and is convenient to add various effective ingredients. After washing, it will make the clothes fluffy, soft, smooth and shiny, and has the effect of sterilizing and long-lasting fragrance. The comprehensive cost of use is low, and it is widely accepted by people.

Advantages of soap and laundry detergent
Advantages of soap liquid: 1. Cleaning and removing stains  Using innovative technology to extract plant soap-based essence, it can effectively remove daily oil stains and stains, such as pepper oil stains, edible oil stains, oily pen stains, fruit stains, food stains, etc.
2. Quick rinsing The hydrophilicity of the soap base allows the soap to be rinsed quickly during laundry, reducing the number of rinses, saving water and time.
3. Clothes suitable for washing Since the soap base is easy to rinse, it is more suitable for washing personal clothes and baby clothes.

Advantages of laundry detergent: 1. Decontamination ability  The laundry detergent penetrates into the fiber through non-ionic surfactants, effectively removing oil spots, clothing heads and other dead spots. Compared with other detergents, the laundry detergent has stronger permeability.
2. Easy to dissolve   A good-quality laundry detergent will disperse after being squeezed in the water, which is similar to the feeling of ink dripping into clean water; of course, poor-quality laundry detergent needs to be stirred for a long time, and it will not be completely dispersed even for a long time.
3. High protection  Laundry liquid uses high technology, adopts a mild liquid formula, has multiple functions of washing and protecting, and the PH is close to neutral, it is gentle on the skin, and will not damage clothes and hands.
4. Safety and environmental protection  The detergent uses neutral raw materials such as surfactants, and its biodegradability is above 90%, which causes little harm to the environment.

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