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The Right Choice for Hand Sanitizer

  • 20 Feb 2020 23 Apr 2021
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The new coronavirus epidemic is affecting people. However, the coronavirus in the natural environment is not strong, easy to kill, and sensitive to heat. Lipid solvents such as ether, 75% ethanol, chlorine-containing disinfectant, peroxyacetic acid, and chloroform can inactivate the virus. It has been determined that the virus cannot be effectively inactivated. If you do not have hand-washing facilities around when you go out, you can carry an effective hand-free hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands to avoid the virus. Zhejiang Senyin Technology supplier shares with you,
What types of disposable hand sanitizers are currently on the market?
Hand disinfectants made with iodine, alcohol, water or ethanol as solvents. The active ingredients can be guanidine, benzalkonium bromide, benzalkonium ammonium, 2,4,4'-trichloro-2'-hydroxyl. Diphenylpropyl ether.
What type of hand sanitizer can kill new coronaviruses?
Disposable hand sanitizers are broadly divided into two categories: alcoholic and nonalcoholic. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are effective against new coronaviruses.
The reason alcohol can be sterilized is that alcohol has strong penetrating power and can penetrate into the virus to kill it. However, high or low alcohol concentration will affect the disinfection effect, 75% of alcohol is the most suitable.
The osmotic pressure of 75% alcohol is close to that of bacteria and viruses, and can continuously penetrate into the virus, dehydrating, denaturing, and eventually killing them. If the alcohol concentration is too high, the protein on the surface of bacteria and viruses will solidify too fast, which will affect the penetration of alcohol into the virus. If the alcohol concentration is too low, it will not be enough to kill the virus. Generally, 70% to 75% are more harmful to bacteria and viruses. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also recommends using a minimum of 60% hand sanitizer.

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