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What Do You Know about Hand Sanitizer?

  • 20 Feb 2020 16 Jan 2021
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Hand sanitizer is loved by consumers because it is quick and convenient to use. Many people think that hand sanitizer can also be used for disinfection. However, there are many types of products on the market, do they all have the function of disinfection and sterilization? What aspects should consumers pay attention to when buying hand sanitizer? Several groups of question and answer hand sanitizer wholesaler will give you a scientific understanding of hand sanitizer.
What is the difference between "health and consumer certificate" and "health and makeup"?
Some of the hand sanitizer products sold on the market, some of the packagings are labeled "Health Consumer Certificate", the name of such hand sanitizer mostly contains "antibacterial", "sterilization" words. The other some advertise "moisturizing", "clean" hand sanitizer is labeled "health makeup quasi-word".
For the hand sanitizer marked disinfection function, should be required to obtain the health administrative department issued by the disinfection products health license to produce, sell, that is, "health certificate word" products. This kind of hand sanitizer belongs to the category of disinfection products, can help kill or inhibit common pathogenic bacteria, such as pyogenic coccus, intestinal pathogens, pathogenic fungi. Hand sanitizer without disinfection function can be produced and sold only under the general skincare products management of cosmetics, and only after the drug supervision and management department has obtained the cosmetic hygiene license, that is, "Health and Beauty" products. These hand sanitizers do not have bactericidal and antimicrobial efficacy, and they belong to the same general skincare and cosmetic products as ordinary shampoos and cleansers, and their function can only achieve the purpose of cleaning and decontamination.
Can hand sanitizer inhibit 99.99% of bacteria?
Some hand sanitizers state that "can inhibit 99.99% of bacteria" on the label. This statement is actually unscientific and is mainly used to attract consumers' attention. Generally, the antibacterial effect of a product is closely related to the type, concentration, temperature, and time of the disinfectant and antibacterial agent. Unless the consumers are provided with the corresponding use conditions in these aspects, the antibacterial effect of 99.99% cannot be achieved.
Is the chemical composition of hand sanitizer harmful to the human body?
Many people think that hand sanitizer contains chemical ingredients and regular use is harmful to human skin. This is a misunderstanding. In fact, the food people eat is also composed of many large and small molecules with different chemical components and structures. Chemical components do not mean harmful. Surfactants, conditioners, antibacterial agents, etc. in the hand sanitizer are chemical substances with different molecular structures. They are added in different proportions during the production process, and finally agitated and filled to obtain a product that meets the requirements of the standard. Therefore, as long as the qualified products are used in accordance with the product instructions, it will not cause harm to the skin, but can effectively clean the skin.

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