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What to pay attention to when choosing laundry detergent

Several factors that should be paid attention to when choosing laundry detergent
A piece of white clothing is stained with stains, and it will look new after being washed with a laundry detergent. Is such a laundry detergent an efficient decontamination expert?
1. Washing effect
2. Harm to human body and clothing
For laundry detergents, we often only pay attention to the results of decontamination, but ignore many hidden hazards that may be caused: the carcinogenic hazards of fluorescent agents, the irritation of unbalanced pH to the skin, etc.
PH value
Most brands are alkaline. Usually our skin is weakly acidic, with a pH of about 4.2-6.5. Therefore, if the pH of the laundry detergent is alkaline, it will irritate the skin and easily cause damage to silky clothing. Industry experts recommend a median value.
Optical brightener
The topic of fluorescent whitening agent has always been very high, and there are rumors that it has a risk of cancer, which once caused panic. The national industry standard "QB/T Fluorescent Brightener for Detergents" issued in 2008 stipulates that fluorescent brighteners that can be used in laundry detergents are safe and environmentally friendly. But for the sake of caution, for baby clothes and intimate clothing, you can try to buy and use laundry detergent that does not contain fluorescent brighteners. (The harm of fluorescent agent to baby: it can reduce immunity, and it can cause blood coagulation, etc.).
Residue after washing
Mainly detect the residual sodium and phosphorus after washing. Sodium residue may enter the human skin and body through degreasing solvents, posing a potential threat. If the phosphorus residue is too high, it is easy to directly irritate the skin. When washing clothes, the skin feels burning and painful because of the high phosphorus content.
3. Product composition
4. Color protection ability
After repeated washing and sun exposure, the dyes on the clothes will undergo photolysis and aging, which will easily fade and no longer shine. Therefore, many laundry detergents choose to add color protection agent to the formula to fix the clothes and prevent cross-color.
5. Environmental friendliness
It should be known that certain components and biodegradability of laundry detergent have an impact on the environment.
Sulfur residues are discharged into the air to generate sulfur dioxide, causing acid rain and other hazards, and indirectly harming the human body.
Phosphorus residues are discharged into rivers and lakes, causing eutrophication of water bodies, excessive algae reproduction, fish and shrimp deaths, and deterioration of drinking water sources.
Biodegradability, the surfactant in the laundry detergent is harmful to the soil environment and the water environment, and will affect the entire ecological environment.

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