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With so many laundry detergents, how do I choose?

  • 20 Feb 2020 14 Dec 2020
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In the past, I always like to use laundry soap and powder to wash clothes. As time passes, my hands become more and more rough! Since changing the laundry detergent, it has opened the door to a new world. From domestic to imported laundry detergent, I have used it all over the world. Today, I will share with you the laundry detergent I have used~
First of all, let's talk about why liquid detergent is better than washing powder and soap.
The difference and characteristics of laundry detergent, laundry powder and laundry soap
Washing powder is a chemical substance extracted from petroleum. It is generally weakly alkaline. With the addition of friction agent, it has a very strong decontamination effect, especially for dirty clothes. It can have a good cleaning effect. But on the other hand, washing powder is relatively harmful to clothes, solid deposits will make the fabric hard, and it will be more harmful to the skin. The most suitable washing powder is clothes that are exposed to more dust, such as coats, jeans, down jackets, sofa covers, and non-damageable materials such as cotton, linen, and chemical fibers. They are not suitable for washing clothes and bed sheets that are worn close to the body. Heavy coats, curtains, chair covers, etc.
Laundry detergent
The composition of laundry detergent is similar to that of washing powder, but the laundry detergent is more hydrophilic, water soluble, and easier to rinse. Compared with washing powder, washing liquid is milder, has weaker decontamination ability and less damage to clothes. The detergent has a higher technical content, and the washed clothes will be softer and fluffy, so the price will be higher.
Washing delicate fabrics such as wool and silk with laundry detergent is conducive to the maintenance of clothing. Some high-grade and close-fitting clothing should also be washed with laundry detergent, which causes less damage to clothing and skin.
Laundry soap
The composition of laundry soap is different from washing powder and liquid detergent. It is mainly derived from renewable vegetable oils, which has low skin irritation and can also protect the fabric. It can be used to clean dead corners such as necklines and cuffs. Laundry soap can be applied directly, which can make the concentration of surface active agent in local stains of clothes much higher than that of washing powder and liquid detergent. With targeted rubbing, it has a better cleaning effect on dead corners or stubborn stains on clothing such as collars and cuffs.
Misunderstandings in choosing laundry detergent:
Misunderstanding 1:
Of course, the thicker the detergent, the better. The cheapest thickener is NaCl, which is the salt we use for cooking every day, and it has almost no detergency.
Misunderstanding 2:
The more bubbles, the better. Poor foaming does not mean poor detergency, these are two concepts. Today, when fully automatic washing machines have entered thousands of households, easy rinsing means saving water and energy, which has become an important condition for smart housewives to purchase laundry detergent and powder.
Misunderstanding 3:
Light blue laundry detergent will stain white clothes. Adding a small amount of indigo pigment to the laundry detergent will not only cause no harm to white clothes, but also white clothes will appear whiter after washing and drying, because it involves the principle of light reflection and has nothing to do with chemistry.

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