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Located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, established in 2004,Zhejiang Senyin Technology Co., Ltd is a professional China Household Washing Products Manufacturers and Household Washing Products factory,it is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Household Washing Products Online. It has built a modern production base with huge amounts of money. It is located in Binhai Industrial Park, Jiaojiang District. The area has reached 30,000 square meters. In the future, consumers are more inclined to consume online when choosing care products, the industry will develop in the direction of detergent liquefaction, concentration and environmental protection.

>Rose Antibacterial Laundry  Aromatic Soap

Rose Antibacterial Laundry Aromatic Soap

specification:202*2*18  Piece

>Fresh Floral Antibacterial Laundry Soap

Fresh Floral Antibacterial Laundry Soap

specification:218*36  Piece

>Natural Floral Laundry Soap

Natural Floral Laundry Soap

specification:202*2*18  Piece

>1.29kg bottle packing Lemon-flavored dishwashing liquid

1.29kg bottle packing Lemon-flavored dishwashing liquid

specification:1290g*10  bottle Product Name:Dishwashing liquidScope:Used for washing...

>Lemon-flavored Dishwashing Liquid

Lemon-flavored Dishwashing Liquid

specification:1500g*10 Feature1)Specially formulated with advanced technology, power...

>1.29 kg high-efficiency lemon-flavored dishwashing liquid

1.29 kg high-efficiency lemon-flavored dishwashing liquid

specification:1290*10 Type: DetergentDetergent Use: KitchenShape: Liquid...

>Household Chemicals Lemon-flavored Dishwashing Liquid

Household Chemicals Lemon-flavored Dishwashing Liquid

specification:1500g*10 Lemon Dishwashing Liquid Specification: 1.L...

>Honey Moisturizing hand sanitizer ENS-049

Honey Moisturizing hand sanitizer ENS-049

specification:500g*12  bottle Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may make you sick. Le...

>green tea deodorant hand sanitizer

green tea deodorant hand sanitizer

specification:500g*24  bottle Quick DetailsMain Ingredient:Tea polyphenolsToil...

>Aloe hand sanitizer gel YXZW-3012

Aloe hand sanitizer gel YXZW-3012

specification:500g*24  bottle Suitable for hand cleaning, rich and delicate foam, quick cl...

>Moisturizing rose hand sanitizer YXZW-3015

Moisturizing rose hand sanitizer YXZW-3015

specification:500g*24  bottle Feature: 1. Rose fragrance2. Moisturizing hands<...


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