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Choice of laundry detergent

In the face of various washing products on the market, some people have asked: I usually use laundry detergent to wash clothes. This time, I used laundry detergent when the laundry detergent ran out, but my hands felt hot after using it. Is it laundry detergent? Is it bad for the skin?

Experts said that since the laundry detergent is in a liquid state and can be completely dissolved in water, there are relatively few components remaining on the clothes, and the irritation to the skin is relatively small.

The washing powder is solid and cannot be completely dissolved in water. After washing the clothes, some ingredients are often left on the clothes, which will cause certain irritation to the skin.

Therefore, when we wash clothes with washing powder, the time should not be too long. It is best to wear laundry gloves, which can protect the skin.

After washing the clothes, you may wish to rinse them several times to reduce the residue of chemical ingredients. If you are washing close-to-wear clothing, the best choice is laundry detergent.

1. Different materials have different requirements for detergents

Laundry powder: If you don't use close-fitting clothes, including curtains at home, you can choose to use laundry detergent when cleaning. We only need to rinse it several times to reduce the residue as much as possible.

Laundry liquid: If the clothes you wear close to your body have no stubborn stains and are not made of special materials, you can choose ordinary laundry liquid.

Dedicated laundry detergent: If it is a sweater, silk and other special materials, it is best to choose a dedicated laundry detergent, otherwise it will cause damage to the clothes.

Laundry beads: specially designed for machine washing, easy to operate, no dirty hands, cleaning ability is similar to laundry detergent, and easy to rinse. Only suitable for machine washing, needs to be used with the washing machine.

2. Is plant-based laundry detergent safer?

The so-called plant type or chemical type, in fact, the difference is that natural plant products are added to the plant type, it does not mean that there are no other chemical products in it, so there is no pure plant laundry detergent.

The national standard of laundry detergent is divided into two types, one is alkaline, the pH is less than or equal to 10.5; the other is neutral, and the pH is generally 4.5 to 8. Choose a neutral laundry detergent, which is safer for the human body

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