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What equipment and qualifications are needed to produce disinfectant?

   What equipment is needed to produce disinfectant?

  The equipment required for the production of disinfectant includes weighing device, batching device, reaction device, storage equipment, filling equipment and packaging equipment.

  The filling equipment here mainly refers to the equipment used to fill the disinfectant, and the disinfectant filling equipment is mainly used for filling the disinfectant, arranging and capping, and capping and sealing. The equipment uses linear conveying to feed the bottles, which is reliable in feeding the bottles, and can track the filling in local processes, and is not easy to produce foam. The cap feeding is realized by electromagnetic oscillation, the capping rate is high, and the capping is through constant torque, and the sealing is stable. The filling and sealing of the equipment is combined into one, and the design structure is more compact.


   Disinfectant filling equipment should have the following functions:

   1. Human-machine interface settings, convenient operation, PLC control, ensure filling accuracy;

   2. Frequency conversion control, production speed can be adjusted at will, automatic counting;

  3, with automatic shutdown function, stop filling when there is no bottle;

  4. High-precision cam indexing control to ensure positioning accuracy;

   5. Made of SUS304 and 316L stainless steel.

   Under normal circumstances, the disinfectant filling production line equipped by disinfectant manufacturers consists of a filling machine, a capping machine, a sealing machine and a coding machine. The entire production line is conveyed by a conveyor belt, which is mainly responsible for the conveying of disinfectant filling containers. The filling machine is the main equipment of the production line, and its performance plays a decisive role in the function and efficiency of the entire production line. In order to improve the performance of the filling machine, disinfectant manufacturers usually directly adopt a mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical integrated automatic control system, which consists of a DSP-based servo control system, a stepping control system, and a programmable controller (PLC) , Human-machine interface, conveyor belt frequency conversion speed regulation system, pressurized pneumatic part and photoelectric sensor.

   What qualifications are required to produce disinfectant?

To produce disinfectant, disinfectant manufacturers need to apply for the following documents: "Business License", "Tax Registration Certificate", "Sanitary Permit for Disinfectant Product Manufacturers", the first two are the certificates that all enterprises must apply, and the third This certificate is the exclusive certificate of the disinfectant manufacturer.

Disinfectant manufacturer

   To apply for the "Sanitation Permit for Disinfection Product Production Enterprise", the following materials should be prepared:

   1. Application form for "Sanitation Permit for Disinfection Product Manufacturer";

  2. Copy of business license or pre-approval notice of company name;

  3. Certificate of use of production plant (house title certificate or lease contract);

  4. Planning plan of production site and layout plan of production workshop;

  5. Production process flow chart;

   6. Production and inspection technical equipment list;

  7. Quality assurance system documents;

   8. Catalog of products to be produced;

   9. Production environment and production water inspection report;

   10. Provincial and municipal health administrative departments need other relevant materials provided by us.

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