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Features and main ingredients of foam hand sanitizer

Features and main ingredients of foam hand sanitizer

Now that the epidemic has not completely passed away, people still need to be protected in normal times, especially in places where crowds are concentrated. At present, the two main measures for ordinary people to protect are wearing masks and hand washing and disinfection. When it comes to hand washing, one has to talk about hand sanitizer. It has provided a lot of help in our epidemic prevention. What I want to introduce to you today is foam hand sanitizer, so what is foam hand sanitizer, what are the characteristics and ingredients of foam hand sanitizer, do you all know this? It doesn't matter if you don't know, I will introduce it to everyone right away.

What is foam hand sanitizer

  Foam hand sanitizer has an innovative breakthrough in function and concept compared with ordinary hand sanitizer. Simply put, the foam is richer, and the foam is directly pressed. It can be no-wash or some need to be washed. This type of foam hand sanitizer saves water when cleaning, and is also relatively clean and easy to rinse. The main function of hand sanitizer is to clean and skin care. Some specific ingredients can play a role in disinfection and sterilization, such as Escherichia coli.

The characteristics of foam hand sanitizer

The main function of hand sanitizer is to clean and skin care. Some specific ingredients can be disinfected and sterilized, such as Escherichia coli.

   1. Easy to use: the pump head is squeezed out as foam, eliminating the need for water, scrubbing and foaming.

  2. Consumption saving: Each use is 1/2 of the amount of ordinary hand sanitizer.

  3, the effect is doubled: direct foaming, not easy to fall, so that the effective ingredients in the foam can be fully utilized, and the effect of cleaning, sterilizing and moisturizing is greatly improved.

The main ingredients of foam hand sanitizer

   1. Degreasing raw materials: mainly nano degreasing emulsifier, compound degreasing agent

  2. Foaming and decontamination ingredients: high foaming essence

  3, thickening ingredients: mainly transparent thickening powder, you can also choose translucent thickening powder, thickening agent to thicken. Choose different thickening methods, the formula ratio needs to be adjusted.

  4. Wire drawing composition: Wire drawing powder plays the role of wire drawing, and also has thickening and anti-dirt effect, but the dosage should not exceed 30 grams per hundred catties.

   5. Preservatives: It is necessary to calculate the addition of preservatives based on the content of preservatives, storage time, climate change, temperature adjustment, and water quality. There is no unified index and you need to master it in actual work. The proportion in the formula is only for short-term anti-corrosion, as a reference, can not be rigidly applied.

  6. ​​Principles of formula ratio adjustment: first determine the thickening method and ratio, then determine the types and amounts of degreasing raw materials, anti-corrosion, and flavors, and finally determine the amount of raw materials for foam production.

Presumably all of my friends now know what foam hand sanitizer is, and understand the characteristics and main ingredients of foam hand sanitizer. If you want to buy hand sanitizer, it will be a good choice, especially during the epidemic. Personal protection is a must. Of course, choosing hand sanitizer is an important thing, but mastering the hand washing method is also more important. It is recommended that you can choose the seven-step hand washing method commonly used by medical professionals. The process is not difficult. You can learn it online.

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