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What kind of washing powder is more suitable for washing machine

Decontamination of washing powder is mainly due to its surfactant. Many surfactants have good foaming properties, but some surfactants have very little foam. Therefore, washing powders with different foams are produced, and the foam is different. Detergency is not directly related.

It is best to use low-foaming concentrated detergent for washing in a washing machine, because high-foaming detergent is easy to cause foam to overflow. In addition, foam will reduce the mechanical friction between clothes, thereby reducing detergency. However, when hand washing is used, in order to meet the usage habits of ordinary people, washing powder with more foam can be selected.

In addition, the correct use method can make the washing powder achieve the best washing effect, while the wrong use not only affects the washing effect, but also has adverse effects on the clothes.

For example, when some consumers wash clothes, they throw the clothes into the water, sprinkle some washing powder, and do not stir and dissolve the washing powder, and then wash them after a few hours, so that the undissolved washing powder sticks to the clothes. After a long time, the washed clothes will become flowery. This is because the washing powder contains a small amount of whitening agent, and the local concentration is too high for a long time.

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