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What to pay attention to when using Dish Detergent

Dish Detergent, daily cleaning supplies. Clean and mild, soft foam, quickly decomposes greasy, fast decontamination, sterilization, effective and thorough cleaning, no residue, exudes elegant fruity fragrance, white and bright as new after washing. Use frequently to ensure home hygiene and prevent germs from spreading.

1. Oily tableware needs to be treated with detergent and heated water. The detergent can remove oil, which is not a problem for ordinary vegetable oils. However, if you encounter thicker animal oils such as solid butter and lard, the detergent must be used in conjunction with hot water to achieve the effect of removing oil.

2. Using detergent without gloves may damage the skin. The damage of detergent to the skin is mainly reflected in degreasing. Detergent can remove oil, which easily removes the oily protective layer on the skin's surface and draws moisture from the skin.

Moreover, alkaline detergents can denature tissue proteins and damage cell membranes, thereby corroding the skin. The stronger the decontamination ability, the stronger the degreasing. After prolonged contact, the oil secreted by the skin will be washed away, resulting in dry skin, aging and shedding of the stratum corneum and other problems, and severe allergic reactions may occur.

3. The dosage should not be too much. When the detergent is used to clean the tableware, it is enough to put a little bit. If the dosage is too much, a lot of bubbles will appear, which is difficult to rinse.

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